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REC Systems at Lakes Solar

REC Systems:
  When investing in a solar installation for your home, you want to make sure the panels you use will function as they should for the lifetime of that investment. Product quality, reliability, and performance are all important factors in this decision. REC Peak Energy solar panels provide you with complete peace of mind that you have made a sound investment. Installed and serviced by local people, all with Clean Energy Council accreditation, Retailer and Installer - these cutting edge products will put your at the forefront of cost savings.

REC Panels from Europe:

As the largest European brand of solar panels, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products. REC panels are engineered to withstand heavy loads and wind, with the frame designed to prevent frost damage and facilitate snow slippage. Furthermore, REC panels undergo harsh internal testing – ensuring they perform strongly in the most severe environments and avoid damage during handling.

REC Solar at Lakes Solar, East Gippsland

Even in low and diffuse sunlight conditions such as sunrise, sunset and cloudy weather, REC Peak Energy panels deliver strong power output, thanks to innovative technologies at both cell and panel level.

Designed to handle the toughest conditions

An installation in Germany.
A German Installation, Lakes Solar East Gippsland

Australian conditions in their own way can be similarly harsh and require robust construction and efficient technology.

The  Warranties

REC solar panels come standard with comprehensive warranties that provide value-adding security you can depend on.

25-YEAR LINEAR POWER OUTPUT WARRANTY Ensures that your REC solar panels will perform exactly as they are expected to – every year for 25 years

10 YEAR PRODUCT WARRANTY Promises that the workmanship and materials of the panels themselves maintain their superior quality for 10 years.
More power, REC Panels, Lakes Solar East Gippsland

Energy payback = 1Yr

Peak Energy panels have a low CO2 footprint and an industry-leading energy payback time of around one year. This means that after just one year of operation, one REC Peak Energy panel will have produced the same amount of energy that was required to produce the panel itself. After that, it’s all energy profit.

REC Solar panels are durable, Lakes Solar, East Gippsland

This lowers everybody's carbon footprint as the panels as a source of carbon pollution are quickly negated with power saved.
Quotes and Site Assessment:  Rob is available to visit your home (at no charge or obligation) and work out out what you can save by installing a Fronius Energy Package Solar System or an Enphase System. By entering some simple facts about your house energy use, and the value of the system you are interested in, the proven savings will be revealed to you, and you savings $$$!!

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