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Enphase Energy Systems at Lakes Solar

Fronius and Enphase Solar Systems to produce electricity Lakes Solar provides internationally renowned Fronius and Enphase Solar Systems for domestic, commercial and industrial settings.  Installed and serviced by local people, all with Clean Energy Council accreditation, Retailer and Installer - these cutting edge products will put your at the forefront of cost savings.

Alternative energy systems help in these important ways:

First by $aving your money on your personal or business power bills, improving the long term value of your property, and making a significant contribution to our future environmental security. Lakes Solar is pleased to announce they are now distributing the Fronius and Enphase line of Solar Systems. These high quality inverters are built with battery technology and local technical requirements in mind so you can choose a size appropriate to your energy requirements. Enphase Solar Systems offer you all the benefits of solar electricity - from a name you can genuinely trust. Plus all your electrical items are benefiting, and using renewable energy.

Investing in Enphase Solar Systems

Means you may also be able to access rebates to help cover the costs and make your investment so much more affordable. These systems use highly reliable quality made inverters and battery storage. Are you ready to tap into renewable energy and find out if you qualify for a solar rebate? (Get a free no-obligation quote)
Enphase at lakes Solar

The Enphase Systems

An alternative and highly successful approach is employed by Enphase. These designs have small on-board DC-240V inverters on each panel. This means the generated electricity is almost mains compatible from the outset, modular and battery compatible.  Starting off small and building you system as required is easy. Enphase at Lakes Solar

Recent Installations

These are local installations that are already paying their way! Lakes Solar Installations Lakes Solar Installations Lakes Solar Installations Remember every kilo-Watt-hr generated that you use is worth the exact cost of buying it, however if you generate in excess of what you require, this energy can be sold back to your provider, but usually at a different price. Please contact Rob to discuss all aspects of your installation.
Enphase Systems at Lakes Solar East Gippsland
Quotes and Site Assessment:  Rob is available to visit your home (at no charge or obligation) and work out out what you can save by installing a Fronius Energy Package Solar System or an Enphase System. By entering some simple facts about your house energy use, and the value of the system you are interested in, the proven savings will be revealed to you, and you savings $$$!!

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We can also help you get super competitive Enviro Positive Loans from established Australian lenders tuned into the alternative energy scene and offer:
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